We now have a dingy! Unfortunately the outboard is not working

Well as we are hoping to anchor on a few days and nights on our trip back to the north east, we decided that we needed a dingy to go ashore on, so after a few eBay searches we found on for sale in Whitby with a 2 horse power outboard great! After a cheeky bid got it for £260, brilliant! So picked it up from a very nice guy called bill, the dingy easy inflated and looked great it was then I was told that the outboard hasn’t been used in 3 years but should be ok but will need a service YEAH right, so after a day servicing the thing and it doesn’t start I’ve stripped it down a little more, broken gaskets a duff spark plug and cooling system half full of sand, bugger, £25 of parts ordered and hopefully we will get it going next week, Screenshot_20170514-194702.png

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