Should have been a easy run ha ha

Well even though Carl planned out the tides and the distances for Plymouth to Dartmouth the weather hasn’t followed the plan, so the forecast was for winds force 4-5 and slight to moderate seas, well we though only 6-7 hours to Dartmouth we should be ok to get down in time before a bad weather front hits tomorrow were the winds will be gale force, so we set of and all was good, had to change into foul weather gear but things weren’t to bad then the sea started to get a little rougher and unfortunately when Christine put on her foul weather jacket it turned the relief band off (relief band is an electronic version of the sea bands, usually works fantastic) so in a few minutes of the sea changing Christine was sea sick and went below to lie down, carl sailed on in the hope of getting to Dartmouth but as the sea was getting worse and the wind was picking up (getting stronger) and still need some single handed kit Carl was struggling to reduce the sails, thankfully Christine was a real trooper and came on deck in full foulies and helped with getting the sails down.and we bailed out and went into Salcombe for a day or two to wait for a storm to pass, a very eventful day, confidence in the yacht has increased greatly.

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