We have escaped Salcombe!

Well after an unintentional night out in the Victoria Pub in Salcombe harbour where we met some great people, we took the small weather window that was forecast and left salcome on the rising tide at 13:00 a little bit ruff but happy to be moving on, Salcombe is a lovely place and the harbour masters and yacht taxi lads are amazingly friendly and helpful, anyway so we left Salcombe under a double reefed main sail (the smallest bit of sail we can hoist) and a few rolls of the head sail so the sails were equal sizes, and we we going along at 5-6 knots, the sea for the first few hours was quite large with big waves coming up from behind us as usual the boat handled everything easily, after the first few hours the sea flattened out and we had a nice sail into Torquay just as the weather was starting to change.

We are now in Torquay with 21-32 knots of wind and heavy rain so we’re staying put for the day as wind is supposed to be lighter tomorrow and as we’re going round Portland we need lighter winds.

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